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First Grade

Ms. Martinez - 1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Martinez

Ms. Fata - 1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Fata
"A child without an education is like a bird without wings." -Tibetan Proverb

Mr. Trinh - 1st Grade Teacher

Mr. Trinh"Let there be no doubt: a skilled minority person who is not also capable of critical analysis becomes the trainable, low-level functionary of the dominant society, simply the grease that keeps the institutions which orchestrate his or her oppression running smoothly. On the other hand, a critical thinker who lacks the skills demanded by employers and institutions of higher learning can aspire to financial and social status only within the disenfranchised underworld. Yes, if minority people are to effect the change which will allow them to truly progress we must insist on ‘skills’ within the context of critical and creative thinking." -Lisa Delpit